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Sony's new flash-based Handycam puts an HD camcorder in your pocket

The $600 HDR-CX100 features 8GB of internal flash memory and 1,920x1,080 high-definition video capabilities in a compact package with typical Sony good looks.


The HDR-CX100 Flash Memory Handycam camcorder from Sony isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it's still a nice add to Sony's lineup. The CX100 records 1,920x1,080 high-definition video to either its 8GB of internal flash memory or to Memory Sticks.

It'll also capture 4-megapixel photos and you get features borrowed from Sony's digital still cameras like Smile Shutter and face detection. What's cooler is that the Smile Shutter apparently works while recording video, simultaneously catching photos of people smiling when activated.

The CX100 features a 10x optical zoom out front with Steady Shot image stabilization and a 2.7-inch LCD for recording, playback, and menu navigation.

Surprisingly, it's reasonably priced for an HD model from Sony, too, selling for around $600 when it's released in March and available in red, black, and silver.