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Sony's new digital camera GPS

Sony's new digital camera GPS

Users can now organize their photos by place as well as time, with Sony's new GPS-CS1 device. This small, keychain-size GPS unit clips to your bag or belt, or slides into your pocket where it silently tracks everywhere you go. Once you're done wandering and shooting, upload both your photos and the GPS data to your computer. The GPS-CS1's included software checks when every image was shot, and syncs it to the GPS data recorded at that time. The Picture Motion Browser software included with most recent Sony cameras and camcorders can then take that information and organize your photos on an online map.

At heart, it's just a small GPS device that you sync up to your computer via USB. It still seems like a nifty device to let you organize where you've been and what you've shot. Instead of flipping through dates, times and thumbnails, you can just check out all of the photos you shot in Chelsea or Central Park, or the Grand Canyon. These camera-oriented GPS devices have been available as accessories to certain digital SLRs, but this is one of the first times we've seen such a device directed towards the snapshot crowd.

With a suggested retail price of $150, the GPS-CS1 won't be the cheapest gizmo in your pocket. Still, users interested in a tiny GPS that can work with their digital camera might want to check it out when it hits stores next month.