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Sony's new Cyber-shot cameras partially revealed

An anoymous tipster tipped off Engadget to the British versions of Sony's new Cyber-shot cameras.

One of Sony's new leaked Cyber-shots. Engadget

An anonymous tipster has apparently tipped off Engadget to a catalog showing the British versions of Sony's new Cyber-shot cameras. Most of the catalog images indicate the information is confidential until February 27, which is when we'll have more details on the U.S models.

While you wait, here's what Engadget is reporting based on its catalog browsing: the new models are called the T20HDPR (camera/printer bundle), T100 (pictured), T20, H9, H7, G1, W200, and W90 Cyber-shots.

Engagdet says, "All the new cams bring Sony's Super SteadyShot image stabilization and HD output to the show in addition to a hot mix of features spread out across the line; these include such notables as 802.11b/g WiFi with DLNA support, 2GB on-board memory for music playback, a 3-inch tilt screen LCD, 3.5-inch (yes, 3.5-inch!) LCD, a couple of 15x optical zooms, face-detection technology, and BIONZ image processing..."