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Sony's new 10-megapixel touch-screen camera

Sony's new 10-megapixel touch-screen camera

Sony has announced two new Cyber Shot cameras today. One, called the DSC-N2, is the new flagship of the company's compact N-series cameras. Like the other N camera, the 8-megapixel DSC-N1, the new 10-megapixel DSC-N2 includes a 3-inch touch-screen LCD that provides the main point of control for the camera. In a nod toward low-light shooters, the DSC-N2's sensitivity tops out at ISO 1,600, though it doesn't include optical image stabilization. A slide show mode lets you review your images in style, complete with transitions and music, and the camera's 25MB of memory offers a modest amount of storage for your favorite shots or can provide backup should you run out of space on your MemoryStick Duo card. The Sony Cyber Shot DSC-N2 is expected to ship to retailers in October and will have a price of about $450.