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Sony's home entertainment in high demand

SAN FRANCISCO--Executives from Sony's consumer electronics division, in showing off the company's new line of TV sets and stereos for the fall, said demand outlook for DVD players and TVs was high at the Home Electronics Conference here this week.

Market share for TVs featuring plasma or flat-panel screens will grow from 20 percent this year to 50 percent by 2005, said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of Sony's Home Entertainment Products division. He projects that from 2002 to 2003 alone, individual plasma TV shipments will grow from 277,000 to 900,000. Packaged DVD sales in 2002 came to $8 billion, he added, more than worldwide theater ticket sales in the same year. To capitalize on this increased demand, Sony will release a series of products, including a 70-inch rear projection TV, this fall.