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Sony's Flip killer not so lethal

The MHS-PM1 Webbie HD represents a step forward for Sony in the mini-camcorder arena--but some quirks and only OK video quality prevent it from being compelling enough to best the competition.


Sony's first entry in the mini-camcorder arena was 2007's NSC-GC1 Net-sharing Cam. That model didn't fare too well in our review, but Sony seems to have learned from that experience and made some improvements to its new line of YouTube-friendly budget camcorders, dubbed "Webbie HD" models.

We picked up the MHS-PM1 ($150--Best Buy), which follows in the footsteps of models like the Flip Video MinoHD, with a vertical, almost cell-phone-like design. Sony also makes a horizontal, more traditional and slightly more expensive version, the MHS-CM1, which features a 5x zoom lens. Both models come in three colors--purple, orange, and silver--but Best Buy was only carrying the purple MHS-PM1 here in New York.

We had high hopes for Sony coming through with something truly compelling in this category. And yes, the Webbie HD has some nice plusses. But when all was said and done, the model we reviewed came up a little short.

To find out why, read the full review of the Sony Webbie MHS-PM1.