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Sony's entry-level camera is just that

If you just need a basic point-and-shoot with AA batteries, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100 exists.

Most people buying a $100 pocket camera don't seem to check for reviews before they buy. At least not "expert" reviews. Judging by CNET site traffic, though, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100 appears to be an exception. It's the company's entry-level compact that basically exists for AA-battery lovers; the S2100 is the only current Sony camera powered by them.

The S2100 is very basic. Really, its main selling points are the batteries, a 3-inch LCD, and its general ease of use. (Why consumers can only get budget and megazoom cameras that use AA-size batteries, I don't know.) Typical of its class, the camera is a slow shooter, but slightly faster than the $100 model I usually recommend, the Canon PowerShot A490.

If you're going to be making prints larger than 4x6 inches or want more cropping and enlarging flexibility, the photo quality from the Canon beats the S2100. But if most of your shots are for small prints and/or Web sharing, the S2100's results are decent thanks to very good color and exposure performance.

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