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Sony's E-mount plans

The company roughly lays out its Alpha NEX lens lineup for the next year and a half.

Click for larger view. Sony Electronics

At this week's CP+ show in Japan, Sony unveiled its road map for the next couple years' worth of NEX E-mount lenses. Hint: it's light on the heavy glass.

According to the plans Sony unveiled at the show, photographers with Sony's Alpha NEX series of cameras have eight new lenses to look forward to over the course of the next year and a half or so. These include:

  • High-magnification zoom
  • Standard zoom
  • Wide-angle zoom
  • Midmagnification zoom
  • Wide aperture midrange prime
  • Middle telephoto prime
  • Pancake prime
  • G series fast midrange zoom

Given the current holes it its offerings, I'd speculate that these include slowish 70-300mm, 10-22mm, 16-50mm versions, and maybe an 85mm f2. What is disappointing is that there's only one G series lens on the map. Is that because NEX-7 shooters are happily putting huge A-mount Zeiss lenses on their cameras? What lenses do you wish would appear?