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Sony's C is for colorful

Sony's C is for colorful

Going into the holiday season, Sony's laptop division keeps cranking out the newness. Besides the recently announced VAIO TXN10 ultraportable and its fashion-conscious N series, VAIO fans can now look forward to the 13.3-inch VAIO C series, a line of thin-and-light laptops available in a variety of lifestyle-friendly colors. It may sound like you're browsing the paint aisle at your local big-box home-improvement retailer, but these new models are available in seashell white, blush pink, spring green, espresso black, and urban gray. Or, as Sony puts it, "Just like clothing styles, the VAIO C series reflects individuality."

Weighing in at roughly 5 pounds, the VAIO C laptops will have Core 2 Duo processors and Sony Xbrite LCD screens, along with standard fare such as integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN and a DVD burner. Look for these fashion-forward notebooks in October, starting at around $1,350.