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Sony Xperia Z2 up for pre-order from £47 per month at Phones 4U

The high-street phone flogger has pumped out some pricey deals on Sony's sharp new blower -- we'd plump for a SIM-free deal if we were you.

Six months on from its well-received launch, Sony's zhuzhed up its top-notch Z1 with the Xperia Z2, one of the highlights of Mobile World Congress last week. Phones 4U has pumped out some deals on this sharp new blower, starting at £47 per month for a free handset.

That's on a two-year Vodafone contract with 3GB of data on its 4G service, and unlimited minutes and texts. It'll end up costing you an eye-opening £1,128 in total. If you're hungry for more data, upping it to 5GB of 0s and 1s will set you back £52, or £1,248 over the 24 months.

Slightly better value is the offer of 4GB of data on EE's more widely available 4G network, at £43 per month, but with a £99 charge upfront. That comes to a total of £1,131, almost the same as the 3GB Voda deal. Vodafone includes free Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile however, which you may find more useful than an extra gig.

All deals include a one-year membership of the Gourmet Society, a restaurant-discount group (like Tastecard or Top Table) that gives you 2-for-1 meals or 25 per cent off the bill at participating eateries. It's worth £70. You also get a white Sony Bluetooth speaker thrown in, worth about £90.

All the major UK networks will offer the Xperia Z2 as well, so you can cut out the middle man or bag yourself an upgrade.

If you'd rather plonk down your own cash upfront and save in the long run, you can find it online for £545 from Unlocked, or £560 on Amazon. It'll go on sale on 1 April, according to Unlocked.

Very similar to the classy, glassy Z1, the Xperia Z2 bumps up its processor to a quad-core 2.3GHz chip, increases the Full HD screen to 5.2 inches and adds 4K video capture to the camera. All marginal upgrades, but they keep Sony there or thereabouts with Samsung, whose new Galaxy S5 now matches the Z-series signature waterproofing.