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New Sony Xperia Z2 camera app turns on live YouTube broadcasts

Sony's new camera app gives aspiring filmakers and oversharers alike the ability to broadcast live video to YouTube.

Sony's new camera app provides live YouTube broadcast capabilities. Sony Mobile

For some of you, nothing beats the rush of broadcasting your life in real time. For those people, Sony released a new camera app on Tuesday for its Xperia Z2 smartphone . Called Live on YouTube, the free app lets users broadcast live video streams directly to YouTube.

It's worth pointing out that the app doesn't simply open up the door to continual streaming.

Video is limited to 15 minutes of 480p resolution and the user must have a YouTube account in good standing. Further, the account must ensure that the live broadcast feature is enabled. Note that the app is not available in all markets, particularly those where Google doesn't allow live streaming.

As Sony points out, this is the evolution of its previous camera app, which let users broadcast directly to Facebook. Sony's YouTube broadcasting app comes at a convenient time when services such as live Google Hangouts and Twitch.TV are becoming increasingly popular. If I were a betting man, I might put money on Sony rolling this out to other Xperia models soon.