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Sony Xperia Z 'Google Edition' coming soon, report says

A Nexus-ified version of Sony's flagship phone is tipped to join the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google editions.

Fancy the Xperia Z but don't find Sony's software particularly alluring? You may be in luck, as fresh rumours peg the 5-inch flagship to get the Nexus treatment before long.

Android Central claims to have confirmed the existence of the 'Google Edition' Xperia Z with its sources, and reports that the phone will be sold through Google's online Play store.

Like the already confirmed Galaxy S4 and HTC One 'Google Editions', the Xperia Z would arrive running a raw version of Android, with no manufacturer tweaks.

As well as getting all the benefits of Google's silky operating system, running raw Android will also put you first in line for updates, so you should stay on the cutting edge.

The bad news is that this mysterious mobile could be the exclusive preserve of the US, as is the case with the Nexus-ified Galaxy S4 and HTC One. That may not remain the case however, and Google could always opt to bring these new Nexii to the UK at a later date.

The waterproof Xperia Z impressed us hugely, earning itself four and a half stars and an Editors' Choice award in our exhaustive review. One of the only things we didn't like was that it didn't come with the latest version of Android, so a Googlified model could come close to being the perfect phone.

Would you buy a Google Edition Xperia Z? Or is there another phone you'd rather swap your hard-won cash for? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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