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Sony Xperia T shaken and stirred in our video review

The Sony Xperia T is issued to James Bond in new film Skyfall, but is it licensed to thrill? Find out in our top secret video.

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The name's T -- Sony Xperia T. Sony's new flagship phone is issued to James Bond in new film Skyfall, but is it licensed to thrill? For your eyes only, our own top agent Rich Trenholm reveals all in this top-secret video.

The Xperia T is Sony's flagship phone, packing Android software and loads of features. It boasts a bright and colourful 4.6-inch high-definition screen, with a level of detail that rivals the iPhone's eye-scorching retina display.

Concealed under the surface, like a Walther PPK under a dinner jacket, is a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. That gives the phone plenty of muscle, although it falls short of the power of quad-core phones such as the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Xperia T uses Google's Android software, which means you can fill your homescreens with handy apps and widgets. Annoyingly, Sony has also added a bunch of its own apps, most of which just do stuff that Google's own apps already do, much better. But one thing we like is that unlike older phones, the home, back and multi-tasking buttons appear on the screen rather than as physical buttons, so they can move about and switch to the side when you turn the phone to landscape orientation.

Another clever touch is the micro-USB socket, which serves as a triple agent: the one hole charges the phone, connects to your computer and attaches an HDMI cable to your TV to watch movies in high definition.

What do you think of the Xperia T? Worthy kit for England's top secret agent or shocking... positively shocking? Live and let die in the comments or on our Facebook page.