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Sony Xperia i1 'Honami' spied in power-button teaser pic

Sony's newest smart phone has been teased on Twitter -- check out the pic here.

Sony's newest smart phone has been shown off in a new teaser pic -- though the Japanese tech giant is giving little away thus far.

The image shows a protruding power button, of the kind that adorns the Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra, and what looks like a softly curved side, suggesting Sony will scrap the boxy look that's appeared on both those recent mobiles.

The tweet itself meanwhile says 'not long now', which means we'll likely see the phone make an appearance on 4 September, when Sony has a press conference booked at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin. That's only a few weeks away, phone fans!

While it's clear we have a new Sony phone to look forward to, what's less clear is the name. 'Honami' has long been tipped as the code name for the new smart phone, while 'i1' has been pegged as a more likely 'proper' name for it.

A tweet several days ago from an XDA-developers member DooMLoRD says that the phone could be called the 'Z1', which would certainly make more sense than 'i1', as Sony already has an Xperia Z.

The new phone is expected to sport a whopping 20-megapixel camera that'll be capable of shooting video in 4K resolution, while other niceties like a quad-core chip and a 1080p display are rumoured too.

What do you want to see from Sony's next smart phone? Would some swanky camera tech help it take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, or does Sony need to do something a bit more unconventional? Speak your mind in the comments or on our Facebook wall.