Sony wins injunction against PSP reseller

Sony has gotten a court injunction to halt a one-man PSP reseller in Britain, reports Channel Register and other sources.

Sony Computer Entertainment won an interim injunction to stop online retailer ElectricBirdLand from infringing its trademarks and selling PSPs imported from Japan and the United States before the official European launch date of Sept. 1, according to reports. ElectricBirdLand, run by Dan Morelle, has 28 days to prepare a defense and will be back in court on 18 July. In a Monday posting on his blog, Morelle said he is the first one-person online shop to face legal action from Sony over the PSP.

Last week, Sony acknowledged that it would go after so-called gray-market PSP importers, but dismissed news reports that it's asking online stores for customer information to track shipments of the PSP game console in the United Kingdom.

"We are fully aware of the gray market situation and we are trying to address the problem," Glasgow told CNET, "but I seriously doubt that Sony would pursue any criminal action against individuals. It's just something that we wouldn't do."

Sony is, however, getting firm with online retailers that participate in what it calls "parallel importing" of PSP products from the U.S. and Japan. Sony president David Reeves told that the company sent more than 600 letters asking individuals and companies to stop selling import PSP devices on eBay.

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