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Sony warns online buyers of spam scam

Sony Electronics has been sending out messages to the customers of its retail Web site, warning them of a fraudulent e-mail that asks for personal details. The consumer electronics giant learned earlier this month that an unauthorized mass e-mail with the subject title "Sonystyle user and email address" was being sent to customers, the company said. The spam referred customers to an unofficial Sony Web site, where they were asked for their user name, password and e-mail address. The rogue site has now been taken down, according to a Sony representative.

There was no indication of any compromises to Sonystyle or to the security of Sony's subscriber data, the representative said. The consumer electronics company has informed everyone in its Sonystyle database to go immediately to the retail site and check their account for any purchases they did not make. It also encourages customers to contact their credit card issuers if they have bought items on the Sonystyle site in the past or if they detect any unwanted purchases.