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Sony warns of Walkman woes

In Japan, Sony is warning consumers of a defect in its NW-E052 Walkman music player that causes it to malfunction.

The 2GB Sony NW-E052 Walkman. Sony Japan

Sony is warning consumers in Japan that a defect may cause their Walkman music player to malfunction.

According to the warning, the 2GB Sony NW-E052 Walkman can simply stop turning on or remain stuck at the boot screen. The company warns that other unrelated issues may cause similar errors but is confirming an issue within the integrated circuit for several large ranges of serial numbers: 7120001 to 7160000, 7190001 to 7210000, 7250001 to 7350000, and 8150001 to 8220000.

While this Walkman is limited to Japan, it is worth noting that Sony produced a very similar Walkman, the NWZ-E460 series, in the U.S. and Europe. The company is not acknowledging any issues with that E-series model.