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Sony Walkman styles up Japan

Sony is releasing a new model of its E-Series Walkman MP3 player in Japan, beginning May 16, 2009.

Sony is updating its E-Series Walkman line in Japan, starting May 16, 2009. There's no sign that the updated series will make it to the states, but Sony's announcement details three models: the $132 NW-E044 (8GB), the $102 NW-E043 (4GB), andthe $81 NW-E042 (2GB).

Photo of the Sony Walkman NW-E042.
The Sony Walkman NW-E042 includes interchangeable skins and premium headphones, at an affordable price. Sony Japan

The player's features are sparse, offering only an FM radio and an audio player (MP3, ATRAC, WMA, AAC, and WAV). The navigation, integrated USB stick, and three-line OLED display all seem to take their cue from the current Sony B-Series Walkman models. A full battery charge should get you 28 hours of playback.

What's unique here, is that each E-Series Walkman comes bundled with interchangeable skins (Sony calls them "Style Up Panels") in different colors. If the bundled skins don't style things up enough for you, additional designer skins can be purchased individually. The video below is in Japanese, but does a nice job showing off the range of colors and designs available for the E-Series Walkman.

Another cool thing Sony did here is throw in a pair of its premium EX style headphones with 13.5mm speakers drivers. Along with the Clear Bass and Clear Stereo sound enhancements Sony built into the player, the whole package should sound pretty awesome.

(Via Electronista)