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MP3 Players

Sony Walkman NWZ-W202: Let's get physical

To promote the wearable W202 Walkman, Sony has done a survey among gym-goers that conclusively proves gyms-goers are idiots

You know those Friday afternoons where you have to sort something out but nobody's really in the mood, and you end up mucking about and choosing which pub to go to, and you make a work decision that seems like a triumph of awesomeness until you have to explain it to the boss on Monday? It sometimes seems to us that being in technology PR must be like that all the time, except the boss always goes, "Great idea! Let's do it." Sounds like the best job in the world. Seriously though, how else to explain this image, promoting the Sony Walkman NWZ-W202?

It's a wearable, wireless MP3 player that clips over your ears like a pair of Bluetooth headsets, or magnetically clip together when at rest. It was at CES 2009 that we first saw the player. Click here for a gag on page two that's totally worth it. We've also got a video of CNET US' Brian Tong wrapping the W around his immaculately coiffeured barnet, if that's your sort of thing.

Sony's done a survey that says people often tangle themselves in their headphones while in the gym and think MP3 players are more essential than a towel when exercising. Men's favourite songs to exercise to include Snap! and Bodyrockers, with women's gym faves including Girls Aloud, Lady Gaga and Duffy. Honestly, where did they do this survey, the moron gym?

That's Kirsty Gallacher in the lycra by the way, in case you weren't buying Maxim in 2002 or don't watch DVDs with titles like Body Sculpt. She's recreating the famous Olivia Newton-John Physical look, but good luck finding the music video on YouTube.

Fortunately, spending £60 on a W-series Walkman doesn't require dressing like this.