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Sony Vaios try to make a 'Splash'

New patterns, colors, and customized keyboard fonts.


Amid the parade of Sony products announced this morning, it might be easy to get lost in the crowd--unless you happen to be clad in floral patterns of bright pink and blue.

That's how Sony's Vaio laptops tried to stand apart, anyway, in the latest iteration of its "Graphic Splash Expression Collection." Despite the ornate names of the newest crop--which include "Victorian Lace" and "Flora"--it's actually quite subdued compared with earlier releases that boasted leopard prints and giant polka dots.

The patterns and colors can be mixed and matched, and personal engraving is free for the 1,200 laptops in this limited edition. But perhaps its most distinguishing aspect is under the hood: The keyboards can be customized with three new designer fonts. Other than that, the 15.4-inch widescreen laptops have the usual run of Vaio specs and options.