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Sony Vaio TX3: Heartbreak healer

We've been dumped by the Sony Vaio TX2 -- but no matter, we're about to get jiggy with its younger, sexier sibling, the TX3

Remember the Sony Vaio TX2 laptop? We fell head over heels in love with that thing. We gave up our friends, ignored our family and damn-near bankrupted ourselves trying to keep one step ahead of the laptop-owning Joneses.

So you can imagine how devastated we were to spot the ultra-portable harlot cavorting with all manner of dirty, sweaty commuters, when we thought we'd left it safely at home, tucked up in front of the TV watching Trisha.

But it doesn't matter. Crave is a resilient blog and we'll get revenge by putting the TX2 on and pursuing its younger, sexier sibling -- the TX3. We spotted this hottie posing on the Internet shortly after the TX2 let us down.

The TX3 is clearly something special. It looks almost identical to its older sibling, but has much more to it on the inside. Most significantly it uses an Intel Core Solo CPU -- a more modern version of the TX2's Pentium M chip. With this ultra-low voltage chip, Sony reckons the TX3 can last around 6.6 hours.

The TX3 is sturdy too. It's made of carbon fibre -- the same stuff they make Formula 1 cars out of -- and has a Trusted Platform Management (TPM) chip that scrambles data and stores your personal security information separately from the hard disk.

It also has an integrated fingerprint reader so you don't have to fiddle around with passwords, and a 3D drop sensor that protects the hard drive in case you accidentally drop the laptop.

We've had our fingers burnt before, so we won't go as far as writing a love poem for the £1,700 Vaio TX3, but we've arranged to go out for a coffee with it in a few weeks' time. Check back to find out how we get on. -RR