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Sony updates EX headphone lineup

Sony shows off its updates to the EX line of headphones at the Sony 2009 line showcase.

Photo of the Sony MDR-EX500LP earphones.
The Sony MDR-EX500LP earphones Sony

Sony's newly unveiled line of EX headphones includes some of the company's most affordable models to date. Four new headphone models were announced to coincide with this week's Sony 2009 line show, including the MDR-EX500LP, the MDR-EX300LP, the MDR-EX33LP, and the MDR-EX35LP.

As the flagship model, the MDR-EX500LP (shown right) feature metal construction and a 13.5mm hand-tuned vertical driver with a multilayer diaphragm and a retail price of $130. For $80, you can pick up the MDR-EX300LP, which offer similar driver specs and design as the EX500LP (minus the hand-tuning and vibration-minimizing metal), and come in either black or white.

If the budget is tight, the Sony MDR-EX33LP line retails for just $20, and is available in six metallic colors (blue, green, pink, silver, white, and gold). If you really want to make a fashion statement, though, the MDR-EX35LP headphone line (also $20) comes in four two-toned color combinations (violet/blue, blue/red, red/green, and green/violet) that alternate on each ear.

To check out the entire 2009 Sony EX headphone line, take a look through the photo gallery.