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Sony TVs stream films from FIFA World Cup archives: They think it's all Bravia, it is now

Sony has teamed up with FIFA to stream highlights from classic World Cup competitions, streamed to your Bravia telly

Sony and FIFA have teamed up to offer a taste of the World Cup streamed to your Web-enabled Bravia telly. The 2010 World Cup kicks off in less than a month in South Africa, and to get you in the mood you'll be able to watch exclusive FIFA short films, player profiles and highlights from World Cups gone by.

The FIFA World Cup Collection includes assorted clips and short pieces of World Cup content culled from the archives. It kicks off with a countdown of the top 20 World Cup moments. A selection of short films will highlight great moments and players, alongside an A-Z of World Cup action set to music, and profiles of 15 legendary players.

The most interesting-sounding bits are 14 official films highlighting specific World Cups, including a colour film of England's 1966 victory. There's also a highlights package for each competition from 1966 to 2002.

The footage will be accessible on selected Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players round about now-ish. But not in 3D, obviously.

Sony's IPTV service also offers streamed films from LoveFilm and catch-up services such as iPlayer.