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Sony tries to battle big phone fatigue with compact Xperia 5

There's just one problem -- it's still quite large.


Sony's Xperia 5 is a smaller, but still quite big phone.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Phones just keep getting bigger and not everyone is happy about it. For those with smaller hands, the pain of using big-screened devices is often very real.

Sony is the one phone maker that's historically been sympathetic to the plight of those who don't like big phones. Its Compact range has long incorporated the best of the company's flagship phones into a smaller body without compromising on key specs and features. The same is sort of true of the Sony Xperia 5, which the company unveiled at IFA on Thursday -- even if at 6.1 inches it doesn't fit the true definition of "small."  

The Xperia 5 is a squished-down version of the Xperia 1, which was unveiled earlier this year at MWC. The standout feature of that phone was its unusual 21:9 aspect ratio, providing a cinematic effect when watching videos in landscape mode. The same feature is included in the Xperia 5.

Sony is also bringing over features from its other product ranges to the Xperia 5, including Bravia HDR upscaling from its TVs and Eye AF autofocus from its Alpha camera range.

Key specs

  • Display: 6.1-inch Full HD+, 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Rear cameras: 3x 12-megapixel image sensors and optical image stabilization
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Preorders for the Xperia 5 open next week and will be available in Europe next month.