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Sony to extend PS Plus subscriptions following PSN outage

Sony pledges to lengthen PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions to compensate those affected by PS4 network downtime.

Sony has promised to extend PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions for existing users following the PSN outage that knocked Sony's game network offline on Monday.

Writing on the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony thanked users for their patience while the company worked to restore the network. It added that players should "stay tuned for details on PS Plus, PS Now, and video rental extensions."

At the time of writing, it isn't clear how long Sony will extend users subscriptions for. After the major Xmas 2014 outage, which dragged on for nearly a week, Sony offered users a five-day extension to their PlayStation-related subscriptions.

On Monday morning Pacific Time, reports began to emerge that the PlayStation Network had gone down across numerous regions including Europe and North America. The outage disrupted virtually all Sony services, from the PlayStation Store to online gameplay, across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

The downtime lasted ten hours as Sony's engineer teams worked to bring the network back online.

A hacker group, which calls itself Phantom Squad, has claimed responsibility for knocking the PSN services offline.