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Sony to add TiVo capabilities to the PS3 in 2008?

Sony has revealed that it hopes to turn the console into a programmable TV recorder in 2008.

What's next as Sony continues to add features to the PS3? Sony

GameSpot UK is running an article that's based on an interview with Warwick Light, Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand's head of marketing. The article appeared in New Zealand's The Press under the headline "The Future According to Sony."

What's interesting about the article is that Light uses terms such as "future proof," "true next-generation machine," "scope for scalability," "home entertainment system," and "super computer," to describe the PS3. He also goes on to talk about the flexibility of the machine, noting how "We (Sony) can transform the PS3 capabilities so as to meet people's changing entertainment needs" and he comments on how Home, Sony's upcoming community-based virtual world, has "enormous potential to sell PS3s." Lastly, he remarks that next year--in New Zealand at least--"Sony hopes to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder."

Of course, Sony's plans for different regions may indeed be different, but you get the feeling that a subtle marketing shift for the console is under way. It's always been fairly clear that Sony has considered the PS3 much more than a gaming machine. So, expect to hear more of this marketing language as we head into the holiday buying season. And don't be surprised to hear the words Tivo and PS3 mentioned more often in the same sentence.

Anyone think this is a smart move for Sony? Or is it just better to stick to a pure gaming message?