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Sony teases sneak-peek video for PS4

Sony has offered a short, blurry look at the PlayStation 4 ahead of its formal debut at E3.

One of the more interesting parts of Sony's PlayStation 4 conference back in February was the lack of an actual console on display.

(Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

We saw the controller, plenty of slides and even a few games — but in terms of what the PS4 would look like, there was not even a hint.

Early tomorrow morning (3am AEST, Wednesday, 22 May, to be precise), Microsoft will show off the next generation of Xbox (which may or may not be called the Xbox Infinity) — so of course Sony has decided to throw out a quick "sneak peek" of the PS4 console.

It's short and it's blurry — Sony is holding off the full reveal for its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference on 10 June — but if you squint and freeze a few frames, you can arrive at the unmistakeable conclusion that the PS4 will be black, squarish and have the PS4 logo on it somewhere.

With luck, we'll get a little more than that from Microsoft tomorrow morning.