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Sony teases new tablets again in artsy video

Sony's worldwide YouTube channel has released the second video in a five-part series promoting its S1 and S2 tablets, and it's really peculiar.

In the last several decades, Sony has been known for its esoteric commercials featuring inanimate objects doing extraordinary things that often reflect design elements that inspired the featured product. In other instances, Sony advertisements are a visual odyssey meant to inspire the consumer, and are only loosely related to the product in question. The Japanese company has released another bizarre video in a five-part series on YouTube, dubbed "Two Will," which teases the upcoming S1 and S2 tablets.

In contrast to the darker, shadow play-themed video in part one, this one presents a more complicated Rube Goldberg-like contraption. Bouncing colorful balls cause the S1 tablet to roll sideways on a track, which is set up with rubber "fingers" that compose an e-mail message in the Android (Honeycomb) operating system. The message "Comfort with the smooth touch" is labeled below. The mind should be boggled at this point, but perhaps it's a svelte way to say communication is fast and easy. We'll see about that.

Afterwards, a blue laser launches an array of clear balls, which roll perfectly upon a Xylophone and emit an infectious tone. The melody kick-starts the dual-screen S2 tablet along an adjacent track, replying to the original e-mail message sent by the S1 with similar rubber appendages. In this area, Sony put a small label that says "Open up to find the one."

Things get a little unusual in the next sequence, where an HD video of a water balloon exploding in super slow-mo is shown on a S1 tablet while a ball rolls around a track nearby. The strangest thing about this part is how the blue ball rolls along the track; it maneuvers along eerily while wobbling at an erratic pace. White animal figurines are shown nearby, some hanging, while two figures of a man and a woman fall, causing balls in the background to drop. The video moves left, while displaying the message "Connecting at light speed" as a Flash site for "Green Hornet" loads quickly. It ends with a large assortment of pingpong balls flying upward, with some colored to say "To be continued."

Believe it or not, there is a message in this advertisement that is trying to convince you to patiently wait for Sony's late entry to the tablet market. I think.

Do the series of commercials compel you to think more about Sony's upcoming tablet devices? If you had the chance, how would you promote Sony's tablet to effectively succeed in the well-developed tablet market?

(Via Thinq)