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Sony takes PSN offline for account maintenance

Amid Sony's efforts to rebuild security for its game services, the company says it is taking PlayStation Network offline today.

If you tried to sign into PlayStation Network on your PS3 or PSP in the last 30 minutes, you may have had no luck. Do not be alarmed: Sony says that PSN will be down today but that it's not another security issue.

The company posted today on its PlayStation blog that PSN will be undergoing "maintenance" between 8 a.m. PT and 5 p.m. PT. That means many users will have trouble signing into the service on their PlayStation 3 console or PlayStation Portable handheld, but can still sign in to play games online, including on Sony Web sites such as

PlayStation Store logo Sony

What will be down for everyone is the ability to change passwords or register for the service. Sony did not expand on what the maintenance hopes to accomplish. But it could be related to a vulnerability discovered last week.

After Sony finally restored access to PSN in mid-May following more than three weeks offline due to a massive security breach, it was discovered that anyone's password could be changed by another person who knew the email address associated with the PSN account and the date of birth. Such information was among the personal details stolen from 77 million PSN customers in April.

To gain access to user accounts following Sony's rebuilding of the security of PSN, all users had to reset their password. When the vulnerability came to light, Sony took down its password reset page.

A big piece of the service remains offline: the PlayStation Store. While people can play games and movies they've already bought online before the security breach in April, they still cannot buy new content.

Sony said today that "contrary to reports," the store will not be back online today. But the company said it is sticking to its previous promise to restore the PlayStation Store by month's end.