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Sony tablets now available for preorder

The Sony Store has a Webpage up for consumers wishing to get first dibs on the company's upcoming S and P Android tablet computers.

Kaz Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, holds both tablets during a press conference at IFA 2011 in Berlin. Sony Europe

On the same day it officially announced its upcoming Android touch-screen tablets, Sony today opened a preorder page for those wishing to purchase one of the devices originally code-named S1 and S2.

The single-screen Sony Tablet S will be available on September 16 in two varieties: a 16GB version for $499 or a 32GB model for $599. It's worth noting that you can also expand the storage space further via the built-in full-size SD card slot.

Somewhat amusingly, until October 1, consumers can "trade in any brand tablet and get a $100 credit towards a new Sony Tablet S series," according to Sony.

If the dual-screen Tablet P is more to your liking, it is also available for preorder. There's no mention of pricing or release date on the Sony Store site, and in his hands-on preview of both tablets, CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell says that "since the device will come to market through AT&T as a 4G-compatible tablet, the decision on timing and pricing rests on the carrier's shoulders." On a side note, the storage space for the Tablet P is listed as a mere 4GB, but expandable with a full-size SD card slot.

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Sony also has a preorder page of tablet accessories that include a Bluetooth keyboard, sleeve cases, and more.