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Sony spices up colors for PS2, PSP in Japan

When all else fails, give it a paint job.

I4U News

Custom shops have been painting PlayStations red for years, but Sony is only now getting around to doing the same itself in Japan--and even at that, it's only the PS2, not the newer PS3. Nine years after its launch, the PlayStation 2 will be draped in "Cinnabar Red" this summer for 16,000 yen, or about $152, according to I4U News.

Apparently on some kind of binge, Sony is also releasing on the Japanese market a "Metallic Blue" version of the PSP, apparently the same color that's available in the States only as part of the "Madden NFL 09" package.

It remains a mystery to us why manufacturers don't do this kind of thing more often, as outfits such as Colorware have been making gobs of money doing custom paint jobs on their own. Perhaps companies just hold the option in reserve to boost sagging sales when they don't have any real upgrades to offer. Actually, we just answered our own question.