Sony sneaks out PlayStation Move racing wheel

A nifty peripheral for racing games quietly emerged from Sony's E3 conference.

Vroom? Sony Computer Entertainment

Hidden among the other Sony announcements at E3 2012, the PlayStation blog detailed an upcoming $39.99 PlayStation Move racing wheel accessory set for debut for the PlayStation 3 this fall.

While the wheel looks somewhat unusual, it actually boasts a few not so obvious features that make it worth looking at. For starters, the left and right grip normally sit downward for normal car racing, but it can also fold forward, allowing the user to twist the stalks like a motorcycle throttle. The racing wheel, which serves as a dock for the PlayStation Move controller, also includes vibration and paddle shifters.

Supported games include "Little Big Planet Karting, Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, BurnOut Paradise, MotorStorm Apocalypse, and more," according to a Sony representative.

Batman's preferred racing wheel? Sony Computer Entertainment
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