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Sony shows new LCD-based big-screens

Sony shows new LCD-based big-screens

At today's Vegas line show, Sony debuted a trio of entry-level, LCD-powered big-screen rear-projection HDTVs. They include the 46-inch KDF-46E2000 ($2,200), which will ship midsummer, as well as the 50-inch KDF-50E2000 ($2,500) and the 55-inch KDF-55E2000 ($3,000), both of which will ship in early summer. The look and specs of these sets are hauntingly similar to those of last year's popular KDF-EA10 series, which included the compact, solid-performing KDF-E50A10.

If you're looking for official word on Sony's step-up 2006 line, which features SXRD technology, you're out of luck for now.

Sony KDF-E2000