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Sony sells Xperia Z1 phone with girls gone wet'n'wild

Some say booth babes are a thing of the past. But not, perhaps, if they're athletic, aquatic, and endowed with the right smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z1 and friends
Splish, splash -- surprise! Network World/Screenshot by CNET

"Maybe we could have dolphins who pick up the phone in their mouths and talk into them," said one.

"Or we could have divers chatting to each other on the phone and saying 'Hey, watch out for that shark!'" offered another.

"No, I know. Let's have some sexy women in a really large bowl of water diving in to grab the phone!!" shrieked a third.

That's when they knew they had it.

So it came to pass at the IFA show in Berlin that Sony presented two extremely lissom ladies in clinging red suits to get people excited about its new waterproof Xperia Z1 phone.

If you want to sell Xperia, you have to enjoy the right exterior.

Who could not have stopped at this exhibit and gawked at the sheer beauty of this phone?

Who could not have been amazed as the phone was first submerged in the sloshing liquid and then re-emerged looking almost more beautiful than before?

And who could not be amazed that, outside the vast bowl of water, there were two slightly drier, but equally lissom ladies using the Xperia Z1 to, gosh, take pictures of the two ladies who were diving for their dinner?

Long has been the controversy over so-called booth babes. One gaming expo in China even banned them.

But Sony's aren't booth babes. They're more diva divers, searching into the very soul of the product.

Marketing isn't easy, people. You have to know your audience and set the right tone.

You have to consider every word and every moment. And you have to choreograph to perfection.

Then you have to create something that is just so right for the product that everyone seeing it will wonder why they didn't think of it first.