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Sony sells 6m PlayStation 4s, and 14m games

Sony has announced its PS4 is flying off the shelves faster than it expected. It's sold 6m consoles and 14m games.

Sales of the PlayStation 4 are booming -- Sony has sold 6 million of the consoles, the company has announced. That's more than the 5 million it'd expected to sell by the end of March.

It's also sold 13.7 million games to go with those consoles. This figure includes both packaged and digital games.

The console seems to be doing well in Japan, where it launched on 22 February. Sony has sold 370,000 PS4s in Japan, 320,000 of those in the first weekend.

"I am absolutely delighted that PS4 is off to such a great start in Japan," said Sony Computer Entertainment's Andrew House. "The responses we have received for the PS4 system's integrated social capabilities have been phenomenal, and I couldn't be more thrilled that gamers are utilising these unique features to engage, share, play and connect with users around the world."

Sony says more than 100 million shares have been captured using the Share button on the PS4 controller. It also says more than 3.6 million gameplay broadcasts have been streamed from PS4s using Twitch and Ustream.

We can expect more of these kinds of sharing features, too. House said: "SCE will continue to expand the world of PlayStation by growing its library of breakthrough games and bringing more innovative features and services only possible on PS4."

So what of the Xbox One? The last we heard was back in January, when Microsoft said its console had sold more than 3 million units. Figures suggest the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by about one and a half to one. This may have been one of the contributing factors that lead Microsoft to cut the price of its console recently. The PS4 is likely to stay in short supply until next month, according to Sony, when most shops should have the console back in stock.

Which do you think is the better console, PS4 or Xbox One? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.