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Sony says yes to Java

To top off its third Java developers conference, Sun says it has struck a licensing deal for the language with Sony.

SAN FRANCISCO--To top off its third Java developers conference here, Sun Microsystems (SUNW) announced today that it has struck a Java licensing deal with Sony.

The deal gives Sony the rights to use PersonalJava, a version of the main Java technology that is slimmed down to run on consumer devices. Sony is expected to use PersonalJava to build applications for its digital audio and video products. Sun also said it would build development software for those products.

The consumer electronics giant said specifically it hopes to use PersonalJava in digital set-top boxes it is developing with General Instrument. The device will include many features similar to a personal computer. Sun also licensed PersonalJava for use in other set-top boxes that will be purchased by cable company Tele-Communications Incorporated.

No other details of the deal were announced.