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Sony rolls out post-CES Vaio laptop updates

New CPUs and colors hit a handful of Sony's Vaio laptops, including the high-end Z series.

It's the kind of announcement one expects to hear at CES, not a week or two after. Sony has updated part of its Vaio laptop line with new CPUs and new colors. But don't get too excited, these minor upgrades say nothing about any possible future systems meeting Intel's ultrabook spec, or using the next generation of Core i-series CPUs, expected around midyear.

The high-end Vaio Z (starting at $1,949), is adding a new color, Carbon Silver, to go alongside Carbon Black and Carbon Gold (and Premium Carbon Black, which we believe means "matte"). Also new for the Vaio Z is an optional 4G mobile broadband antenna and a slight bump, to a Core i5 2450M, in the default CPU. This series is most notable for its external dock, housing an optical drive and discrete GPU.

The Vaio S series and E series also get some very minor CPU upgrades, to more recent versions of the second-generation Intel Core-i CPUs, but you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference. The Vaio S, available in 13- and 15-inch models, is mostly notable for its optional slice battery and switchable AMD graphics.

The Vaio C in Kaleidoscope Pink Sony

Finally, the Vaio C series has a couple of new lid designs, named Kaleidoscope Pink and Modern Geometric, both pictured here.

All of the preceding updates should be available in early February.

The Vaio C in Modern Geometric Sony