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Sony rolls out another PS4 bug fix

Version 2.02 of the PlayStation 4 firmware comes hot on the heels of version 2.01, which Sony released last week to fix a Rest Mode bug.

Sony's PS4 gets its second update in less than a week. Sarah Tew/CNET

Sony is applying yet another update to its PlayStation 4 to resolve issues with the console.

As of Tuesday, PS4 update version 2.02 has started to roll out, according to CNET sister site GameSpot and other sources. The update is already out and about in the UK, while a push in North America is expected to follow, GameSpot added.

Sony confirmed the update in the following tweet posted late Monday: "PS4 system software update v2.02 is coming soon, and will improve system software stability during use of some features, games, and apps."

No detailed patch notes have yet been released. But GameSpot noted at least one bug fix, saying that without the patch, the game Dragon Age: Inquisition crashes, freezes and could corrupt saved files.

This marks the second bug-fixing patch since last week that Sony has rolled out for its PS4. On November 5, the company launched update 2.01, which was designed to squash a bug in the console's Rest Mode. Users had been complaining that the PS4 would refuse to wake up after being put into standby mode, aka Rest Mode. Prior to the patch, the only workaround was to turn off the console instead of putting it to sleep.

Version 2.02 weighs in at 217 megabytes, so it seems to be yet another hefty update.

Sony isn't the only console maker dealing with bugs. Early Tuesday, Microsoft released its long-awaited Halo: The Master Chief Collection, only to run into a problem with matchmaking. Users have been experiencing trouble trying to join multiplayer matches. Microsoft and Halo game developer 343 industries have both acknowledged the issue and say they've been working on a fix.

Sony did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.