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Tech Industry

Sony rolls onto US shores

Sony have announced the arrival of the Rolly entertainment player on the US market.

Sony's Rolly MP3 player Iain McDonald
Thats right folks, Sony will be bringing its egg shaped, robotic, bluetooth entertainment device to stores all across America from spring '08. The Rolly has 2GB of flash memory to store tracks on the device and a bluetooth connection that allows you to stream music from a computer or phone. The Rolly will then move its "arms" and wheels to the beat of the music that is being played. Alternatively, you can become a choreographer and create your own routines for the Rolly to repeat endlessly for your pleasure. Apparently this device is meant to provide an alternate solution for playing back music when that docking station is just to big (or static). Personally, I would rather have the B&W Zeppelin; even though it won't dance for me.