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Sony RHT-G800: home-theater-in-a-TV-stand

Sony's RHT-G800 is a TV stand with a built-in home-theater-in-a-box--including an integrated 5.1-channel speaker system and HDMI ports.

Sony RHT-G800, with TV
TV not included Sony

We highlighted the Evesham Sound Stage X1 earlier this month, but truth be told, Sony and Onkyo were already offering similar TV stands with integrated speakers at least as early as last year. Sony must really like the concept, too, because the company has gone back to the well yet again.

While the RHT-G800 doesn't look that different from the company's past "home theater stands," it's the first one to be HDMI enabled (two 1080p-capable HDMI inputs and one output). And just because its speakers, subwoofer, and electronics happen to be crammed into a TV stand, that doesn't mean the RHT-G800 doesn't have a decent feature set. In addition to its two component video inputs, three AV inputs, three optical audio inputs, one coaxial digital audio input, and four analog audio inputs, the G800 can decode Dolby Digital and DTS surround from any connected DVD player or game console. And if you're already on the Blu-ray or HD DVD bandwagon, the RHT-G800's HDMI inputs can handle up to six channels of uncompressed linear PCM audio as well.

Look for the Sony RHT-G800 to hit stores in May for $1,000.