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Sony reveals Lifelog wearable camera concept

The concept camera demonstrates Sony's commitment to its upcoming Lifelog app.

Sony, it seems, genuinely feels that fitness trackers don't go far enough.

The concept camera from Sony, as seen at MWC 2014. (Credit: CNET)

Not content to just track steps taken, hours slept, exercises performed and calories both consumed and expended, Sony's rather mysterious Lifelog app wants to track every single aspect of your existence.

It was initially introduced on conjunction with the SmartBand and Core elements of its 'SmartWear' line, but Sony has shown off some concept tech at MWC that suggests it has a bigger vision for Lifelogging.

The wearable camera would hang around your neck and record your life, syncing with the Lifelog app. Sony says the front panel would be touch sensitive, so — like the SmartBand — you'd be able to tap it to create a "life bookmark". This seems to be a full snapshot of a moment, recording every bit of information available to the sensors on the smartphone and the camera.

Frankly, it's all a little vague and we're currently a little unconvinced of its applications outside the world of fitness tracking. That said, it's early days for the Lifelog app, so we're happy to hold off judgement until Sony comes out with a bit more information.