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Sony reportedly tells devs to make new PS4 games work on PS5

Games submitted to Sony after July 13 will need to be forwards-compatible with the PS5, a report says.

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PS5 controller

The PS5 is coming in holiday 2020.


Sony is reportedly telling developers that new games coming out for the PlayStation 4 also need to be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. The new rule for PS5 compatibility will kick in for games submitted to Sony on and after July 13, Eurogamer reported Friday.

PS4games released or submitted prior to mid-July 2020 are also "strongly recommended" to be patched or remastered for PS5 compatibility, the report added, citing internal developer notes.

There's a PS5 announcement event happening next week on June 4, where Sony will reveal more details on the console. The PS5 is set to launch in the 2020 holidays.

Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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