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Sony puts Netflix in new ES AV receivers

Sony has announced two new AV receivers in its ES line, adding an updated user interface and streaming-media options like Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora.

Sony's STR-DA5700ES is absolutely packed with ports. Sony

Not content to leave the streaming to the new SMP-N200 box, Sony announced two new AV receivers at CEDIA with integrated support for Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora. They'll be among the first receivers we've seen with streaming-video support; most networked AV receivers stick to streaming-music services. The STR-DA3700ES and STR-DA5700ES are part of Sony's high-end ES line, which means they're likely to carry hefty price tags when they're released in November.

Whether buyers want media streaming in their AV receivers has yet to be seen. As we've argued in the past, AV receivers typically aren't great media streamers, although at least Sony is promising an updated user interface, which could address some of our concerns. Still, with the prices of streaming-media boxes under $100, it's hard to argue that it's worth spending more to get video streaming in an AV receiver.