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Sony PSP infected by purple pop star bug

This year, Sony will release a lilac-colored PSP bundled with Hannah Montana media. This worries us.


Word of a new attempt to impress female gamers showed up Tuesday on Sony's official PlayStation blog. This year, a "lilac"-colored PSP will be released.

At $199, the console will come in a bundle that includes a Hannah Montana game, episodes from the show, and stickers for an added girly touch. For the same price, Sony will also sell an "Assassins Creed" bundle that includes a black console and other unannounced content.

Lady gamers were peeved last November when a pink "Guitar Hero" controller was released, compliments of the tween band Aly & AJ.

I'm not one to complain about tech products gone girly, but it's unnecessary for companies like Sony to constantly shove pop-star paraphernalia down our throats. A purple PSP coupled with "Assassins Creed" or "God of War" would be a satisfying bundle for girl gamers. I'm not paying $199 for a purple PSP if I have to be inundated with the likes of Ms. Montana.