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Sony's PS4 update lets you experience HDR today

Latest software update for Sony's console lets you play games in HDR and adds PS4 Pro-specific streaming features.

Sony unleashed a highly anticipated PlayStation 4 software update on the gaming public Tuesday with features including high-dynamic range (HDR) and support for the new PS4 Pro.

The software update, version 4.00 (code-named Shingen), also offers a refreshed system UI, Folder organization, updates to the Quick Menu and Share Menu, and Library improvements. The update preps the way for Sony's two new PS4 models: the PlayStation 4 Slim, coming September 15, and the PlayStation 4 Pro, coming November 10.

Sony said last week that all PS4 users, not just owners of the Pro, would be able to use the HDR feature. Owners of compatible TVs will be able to select HDR in the Video Output Settings for gaming and streaming entertainment content. The PS4 Pro will not get a 4K Blu-ray player as expected and will not be able to display 4K/HDR disks.


A view of the new Activity Feed.


In anticipation of the Pro's launch in November, the update includes 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices, YouTube live broadcasts (30/60fps) and Twitch (30fps). Sony also introduced a "Data transfer to New PS4" feature, which lets users to backup over a wired LAN connection, in anticipation of people upgrading to the new console. Gamers will be able to transfer games, user info and saved data over a local network instead of having to backup to the cloud first.

Other changes include a redesigned What's New, which includes more information about your friends' activities, plus a new content info screen. The update also brings an enhanced Music section that lets users navigate and control Spotify without needing to open the app.

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