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Want your sweet PS3 Linux settlement cash? Sunday's your last day

Sony may owe you $65, but you'd better move fast.

If you bought an original "fat" Sony PlayStation 3 game console, you'll want to know this: 

Sony may owe you up to $65 -- and you've only got until this Sunday, April 15, to postmark the form that'll let you claim that cash. 

Yes, tax day.

That's because April 15 also happens to be the deadline for Sony's "OtherOS" class-action settlement. Sony originally promised the PS3 could become a Linux computer, but removed that feature in 2010, and now it's paying $3.75 million to resolve the lawsuits that followed.

So: How do you qualify to get that money, how much money can you actually expect to get, and why is this only happening now? 

You can read all the answers in our FAQ from March. Don't say we didn't warn you!