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Sony PS2 finally hits the $100 price point

As of April 1, the price of the PlayStation 2 will go from $129 to $99.99. Now let's see if Sony does anything with the price of the PS3.

Sony PlayStation 2 (slim)

No April Foolery here: Sony has announced that it's dropping the price of the PlayStation 2 from $129 to $100 as of April 1. The move confirms rumors that had surfaced in recent days.

Originally introduced in 2000, the current iteration of the PS2 is a superslim console that also doubles as a CD and DVD player. It has a library of around 1,900 games, including many classics that can be found in bargain bins at local stores and online. And unlike the PS3, the older model actually has an infrared port, so you can use a standard universal remote to control movie playback.

So what do you think: any interest in picking up a newly encheapened PS2? Or are you holding out hope that Sony will eventually drop the price of the PlayStation 3?