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Sony PS Vita gets slew of accessories

Thirteen new Sony accessories for the Vita are coming soon. For now, though, they'll only be available in Japan.


Sony detailed a salvo of first-party accessories for its PlayStation Vita yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show.

This is not SD. Sony

Thirteen products for the new handheld, including several memory cards, an AC adapter, USB cable, cradle, earbuds, protective screen film, memory card case, and several other pouches will be available in Japan on December 17. No word yet on when or how many of the non-essential accessories will be available elsewhere.

Three card slots exist on the Vita, including a PlayStation Vita, memory card, and 3G SIM card slot. The memory card is proprietary (unfortunately), and is available in 4GB (PCH-Z081), 8GB (PCH-Z081), 16GB (PCH-Z161), and 32GB (PCH-Z321) capacities.


The cradle (PCH-ZCL1) for the PS Vita looks pretty slick, and sports a brush-gray aluminum facade on the front with a tilted angle for the Vita. It has a line-out stereo mini-plug in the rear.


Sony is bringing a sharp-looking earbud headset (PCH-ZHS1) to the Vita mix. It features a 10mm driver with a built-in microphone that has a mute switch.

From left: the Sony PCHJ-15003, PCHJ-15006, and PCHJ-15004 protective cases. Sony

There are also two different cases and a pouch for those who want to protect the $299 handheld. A fingerprint-proof protective film (PCH-ZPF1) will also deflect greasy fingers from soiling the 5-inch OLED screen.


A PlayStation Vita card case is too, and it has a stylish transparent appearance with a smoked tint.


Sony will offer two additional accessories next year: a portable charger (PCH-ZPC1) with 5,000 mAh capacity and a car adapter (PCH-ZCA1) for those wanting to keep the PS Vita topped up while on the go.