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Speakerless OLED and audio galore: What Sony launched at CES 2017

In a whirlwind press conference, Sony finally lifts the lid on its long-awaited OLED TV.

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If there was a prize for shortest, most efficient press conference at CES, the award would go to Sony.

The company's president, Kazuo Hirai, blasted through Sony's product announcements on Wednesday evening in Las Vegas in a record 23 minutes.

There were no bells, whistles or half-hour selfie tutorials from fashion bloggers (I'm looking at you, Huawei). Just a short, sweet rundown of Sony's product lineup.

Star of the show was Sony's long-awaited OLED TV. Hirai explained that the telly is speakerless, with sound emerging from vibrations in the screen and the audience audibly "oohed."


Sony says hello to OLED.


It was accompanied by two LED TVs, as well as a new short-throw projector that can be positioned only 6 inches from the wall and a new Blu-Ray player.

Hirai rather scooted over the audio announcements, even though there were a fair few new products, including headphones, speakers and soundbars.

Here's a full list of Sony's full announcements:

You can stream the whole event live right here (embedded above).

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