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Sony Playstation Move Navigation drops to $14.99

If you are already have a Playstation Move Controller, you might want to pick up the companion Move Navigation Controller for $14.99 at Amazon. It lists for $39.99.

Sony's Playstation Move Navigation Controller can be had for $25 off its $39.99 list price. Amazon

The Playstation Move Navigation is Sony's companion controller for its Move motion controller (think of as sort of Sony's version of the Wii Nunchuk controller except that it's wireless).

Because you can just use a standard PS3 controller for navigation, it's not exactly a must-have accessory, especially when you consider its list price of $39.99. However, Amazon is now offering the Sony Playstation Move Navigation Controller for $14.99, which we think is a pretty good bargain, especially if you're a Prime member and can pick up the free two-day shipping.

What do you guys think? Is it worth picking up if you already have a Move controller?